Affordable image processing services

There will be no consideration of the Quality rather than Price. The chart below will be ascertained by the effort of the product/model/objects. We can negotiate the price based on your requirement and volume.

Clipping path


Simple Clipping Path…..     $0.25 
Medium Clipping Path…..  $1.39
Complex Clipping Path….  $5.99


Background Removal 

Simple Background removal  $0.25
Medium Background removal  $1.29
Complex Background removal $5.99


Multi Clipping path


 Simple Multi Clipping path  $1.99
Medium Multi Clipping path  $3.49
Complex Multi Clipping path  $9


Photo Retouching

Simple Model Retouching      $0.6
Medium Model Retouching   $1.59
Complex Model Retouching  $3.49

Photo Masking 

 Simple  Image Masking   $0.6

Medium  Image Masking $1.10
Complex  Image Masking  $2.5

Shadow Creation

Simple Shadow Creation  $0.25
Medium Shadow Creation $0.49
Complex Shadow Creation $.99

Ghost Mannequin

Simple Ghost Retouching      $0.99
Medium Ghost Retouching   $1.29
Complex Ghost Retouching  $2.00


Color Correction

Simple Color Correction $0.99
Medium Color Correction   $1.80
Complex Color Correction   $2.40

Neck Joint

Simple Neck Joint  $0.99
Medium Neck Joint  $1.10
Complex Neck Joint  $1.49